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Scottish Breakfast

Scottish Breakfast

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A medium-bodied Sumatra loose leaf black tea with dark liquor that offers subtle flavor nuances, including cedar and hints of walnut with a smooth finish.

Ingredients: Sumatra Black Tea

2 ounces of loose leaf tea will brew between 20 and 30 8-ounce cups of tea.

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Sumatran Black Tea is a distinctive variety that emerges from the lush landscapes of Indonesia's largest island, Sumatra. It is set apart by its origin and the unique processing methods that contribute to its exceptional character.

Sumatran Black Tea is crafted from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, much like other black teas, but its processing is where the magic unfolds. The tea leaves are often hand-rolled and undergo a semi-fermentation process, setting it apart from fully oxidized black teas. This imparts a nuanced flavor profile with characteristics of both black and oolong teas, offering a cup that is bold yet complex.

One of the distinctive features of Sumatran Black Tea lies in the terroir of the region. The island's high-altitude plantations, volcanic soil, and tropical climate create a unique environment for tea cultivation. The result is a tea that captures the essence of the Indonesian archipelago – robust, full-bodied, and endowed with a complexity that reflects the rich biodiversity of the region.

Sumatran Black Tea is renowned for its bold, earthy flavors accompanied by hints of malt and a subtle sweetness. The infusion process reveals a rich, reddish-brown liquor that mirrors the vibrant culture and landscapes of Sumatra. It's often enjoyed without the need for milk or sugar to fully appreciate its intricate taste.

Beyond its flavor, Sumatran Black Tea is steeped in cultural significance. Tea cultivation in Sumatra has deep roots, with local communities actively engaged in traditional methods of production. This commitment to heritage contributes to the distinctiveness of Sumatran Black Tea and adds layers of authenticity to each sip.

As you savor a cup of Sumatran Black Tea, immerse yourself in the unique tapestry of flavors and cultural richness that this Indonesian treasure unfolds. It's not just a tea; it's a journey to Sumatra, an exploration of terroir, and a celebration of the craftsmanship that makes each cup a distinctive experience.