Equipment Information

Make all of your favorite espresso drinks from the comfort of your own home!  We have three levels of espresso machines available.  The Appartamento is a great, compact espresso machine.  It comes with a 1.8-liter boiler, allowing you to pull shots and steam milk simultaneously.  This machine also comes with two options for the side panel color.  The Cinquantotto is still a compact machine, but with a few upgraded features.  This machine comes with separate brew and steam boilers for more pressure control.  It comes with a small touchscreen so you can access steam temperatures and machine settings.  This machine has the scheduled auto-on feature which means you can schedule your espresso machine to be up to temp and ready for you every morning.  The R Nine One is the ultimate hobbyist machine.  It has commercial features available to you in a compact at-home machine.  This machine comes with dual boilers.  It has a 1.9-liter brew boiler and a 3.6-liter steam boiler.  With the built-in touchscreen, you can create custom pressure profiles for your shots, adjust the shot length with volumetric dosing, set auto-timers and more!  

In addition to espresso machines, we have an espresso grinder available.  The Fausto Touch grinder will elevate your shots.  Using 65mm Flat Burrs to deliver a consistent grind shot after shot, this grinder is a great addition to any coffee setup.  The grinder has touchscreen controls that allow you to adjust the dose timing and get feedback.  

If you have any questions about getting equipment for your coffee setup, send us an email!

*All rocket machines have a 10-14 day lead time.