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Queen City Blend

Queen City Blend

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Queen City signature blend, combining the smooth and balanced flavor of traditional English Breakfast black tea and a medium-bodied black tea from Sumatra, provides a pleasing tea perfect for any time of day.

Ingredients: Sri Lanka Estate Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Sumatra Black Tea.

2 ounces of loose leaf tea will brew between 20 and 30 8-ounce cups of tea.

Learn more about -SRI LANKAN VS SUMATRAN BLACK TEA- below!

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Sri Lanka Estate Orange Pekoe (OP) Black Tea and Sumatra Black Tea, while both belonging to the family of black teas, showcase distinctive characteristics that reflect their unique origins and processing methods. Sri Lanka Estate Orange Pekoe, hailing from the renowned tea estates of Sri Lanka, is celebrated for its bright and brisk flavor profile. The term "Orange Pekoe" denotes a high-quality, whole-leaf tea, and in the context of Sri Lankan teas, it embodies a lively infusion with well-defined citrus and malty notes. The terroir of Sri Lanka contributes to the tea's briskness and astringency, creating a cup that is invigorating and bright.

In contrast, Sumatra Black Tea, originating from the lush landscapes of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, unfolds a narrative of complexity and depth. The tea is often characterized by its full-bodied nature, marked by earthy, sweet, and sometimes spicy notes. Sumatra's tropical climate and unique processing techniques, such as full oxidation and often artisanal methods, contribute to the tea's distinctive character. The cup is known for its rich, bold flavor, with a depth that sets it apart from the more brisk and lively Sri Lanka Estate Orange Pekoe.

While Sri Lanka Estate Orange Pekoe embodies brightness and a crisp character, Sumatra Black Tea offers a more robust and complex drinking experience. The choice between the two depends on personal preferences, with Sri Lankan OP appealing to those who enjoy a brisk and lively cup, and Sumatran Black Tea captivating those seeking depth and complexity in their black tea experience, or you can enjoy both teas in one blend with our Queen City Tea Blend. Ultimately, both teas contribute to the rich tapestry of black tea varieties, each telling a unique story shaped by the terroir and craftsmanship of their respective origins.