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Mint Verbena

Mint Verbena

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The refreshing, clean character of spearmint is brightened with notes of lemon to produce a light, floral, minty tea.

Ingredients: Spearmint Leaves, Lemon Verbena leaves.

2 ounces of loose leaf tea will brew between 20 and 30 8-ounce cups of tea.

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Lemon Verbena, a fragrant herb with a distinct citrus aroma, takes the spotlight as a delightful and versatile ingredient in the world of tea. Known scientifically as Aloysia citrodora, lemon verbena is native to South America but has found its way into teas, infusions, and culinary delights worldwide.

Lemon verbena boasts a bright and zesty flavor that mimics the essence of fresh lemon without the tartness. Its citrusy notes are accompanied by a subtle sweetness, making it a refreshing addition to teas. The herb's vibrant aroma enhances the overall sensory experience, creating an invigorating cup that is both soothing and uplifting.

In culinary creations, lemon verbena's versatility shines. Its leaves can be used to infuse syrups, desserts, and sauces with a burst of citrusy freshness. Whether incorporated into salads or as a seasoning for grilled dishes, lemon verbena adds a unique and aromatic touch to a variety of culinary delights.

In tea blends, lemon verbena is often combined with complementary herbs like mint, chamomile, or lemongrass to create a harmonious infusion. Its bright flavor can be featured in both hot and iced teas, offering a refreshing option for those seeking a caffeine-free and citrus-infused beverage.

Lemon verbena's presence in the world of tea is a testament to its ability to elevate the drinking experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a blend, lemon verbena brings a sunny and invigorating quality to the cup, making it a cherished ingredient for those who appreciate the natural essence of citrus in their tea rituals.