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English Garden Party

English Garden Party

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The subtle intoxicating fragrance of roses is sweetly joined with English Breakfast Tea along with the scrumptious dessert of chocolate and berries.

Ingredients: China Black Tea, Cocoa Nibs, Elderberries, Hibiscus Petals, Apple Flakes, Black Currant, Flavoring, Freeze-dried Blackberries, Freeze-dried Strawberry Flakes, Freeze-dried Raspberry Flakes, Strawberry Leaves, and Rose Petals.

2 ounces of loose leaf tea will brew between 20 and 30 8-ounce cups of tea.

Learn more about -BLACK CURRANTS- below!

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Black currants, tiny yet mighty, contribute a distinctive and robust flavor to the world of tea. Known for their deep purple hue, these berries infuse teas with a unique combination of tartness and sweetness. The flavor profile of black currants is often described as bold and tangy, with a rich undertone that adds complexity to tea blends.

In the realm of tea, black currants are frequently used to enhance both the taste and visual appeal of infusions. Their vibrant and deep color not only creates visually striking teas but also hints at the bold flavors that will unfold in each sip. The tangy notes of black currants can complement a variety of tea bases, from black and green teas to herbal blends, creating a harmonious fusion of flavors. Black currants have a unique compound called anthocyanin, which is responsible for their deep purple color creating a cup of tea that is not only delicious but also beautiful!

As you steep a cup with the infusion of black currants, savor the intricate dance of flavors that unfold. Whether enjoyed on their own or blended with other botanicals, black currants bring a dynamic and flavorful element to the diverse world of tea, providing tea enthusiasts with a delightful and healthful option for their tea-drinking pleasure.