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English Cocoa

English Cocoa

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A classic English Breakfast tea is joined with cocoa nibs to provide a smooth and creamy chocolate indulgence.

Ingredients: Sri Lanka Estate Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Cocoa Nibs.

2 ounces of loose leaf tea will brew between 20 and 30 8-ounce cups of tea.

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Cocoa nibs, the essence of chocolate in its purest form, have found a delightful home in the world of tea, adding a rich and indulgent layer to the tea-drinking experience. Extracted from crushed cocoa beans, these nibs boast a deep, complex flavor that includes notes of chocolatey richness with subtle hints of nuttiness.

In the realm of tea, cocoa nibs are often incorporated into blends to create a luscious and satisfying cup. Whether combined with black tea for a robust morning indulgence or paired with herbal infusions for a cozy evening treat, cocoa nibs infuse the brew with a decadent aroma and a velvety texture.

For those seeking a chocolatey embrace in their tea, cocoa nibs offer an alternative to traditional sweeteners. Their versatility extends from traditional black teas to herbal and even chai blends, creating a diverse range of chocolate-infused options for tea enthusiasts to savor. So, the next time you steep a cup enriched with cocoa nibs, indulge in the delightful fusion of tea and chocolate, creating a truly luxurious and comforting tea experience.