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Copper Ice

Copper Ice

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This unique loose leaf tea blend combines three different black teas along with Sencha green tea, which provides a rich, fresh flavor resulting in an impressive iced tea!

Ingredients: Ceylon Black, China Black, Sumatra Black, Sencha Green.

2 ounces of loose leaf tea will brew between 20 and 30 8-ounce cups of tea.

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Combining green and black tea, often referred to as a blend or a fusion, results in a unique and layered cup that harmonizes the distinct characteristics of both teas. Green tea and black tea come from the same Camellia sinensis plant, but they undergo different processing methods, leading to variations in flavor, aroma, and appearance.

When blended, the goal is to create a synergy that captures the best of both worlds. Green tea is known for its fresh, vegetal, and sometimes grassy notes, while black tea is recognized for its boldness, richness, and sometimes malty or fruity undertones. The combination can yield a cup that is simultaneously brisk, robust, and subtly complex.

The blending process requires a thoughtful approach to balance the contrasting elements. Some blends feature a predominant base tea, either green or black, with the other contributing as a secondary note. Others aim for an equal partnership, allowing each tea to shine in tandem. The result is a fusion that brings together the bright and brisk qualities of green tea with the deeper, maltier notes of black tea.

Beyond the flavor profile, blending green and black tea can offer a visual feast, with the vibrant green leaves of the green tea intertwining with the darker, oxidized leaves of the black tea. The infusion might exhibit a spectrum of colors, from amber to gold, depending on the specific varieties used in the blend.

Blending green and black tea is not only about taste; it's an exploration of possibilities. It allows for creativity in crafting unique flavor profiles, experimenting with complementary or contrasting elements, and tailoring the blend to suit diverse preferences. Whether enjoyed as a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon delight, a well-crafted green and black tea blend invites tea enthusiasts to experience the best of both tea worlds in a single, satisfying cup.