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Highlander Grogg Flavored Coffee

Highlander Grogg Flavored Coffee

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This captivating blend captures the spirit of the Scottish Highlands, where the rich flavors of butterscotch, caramel, and a hint of vanilla come together in perfect harmony. Each sip is a journey into indulgence, as the velvety sweetness and warming spices dance on your palate. Our premium coffee beans provide a foundation for this exquisite blend, ensuring a coffee experience that is bold, complex, and utterly satisfying. Elevate your coffee ritual with our Highlander Grogg Flavored Coffee, where every cup is a taste of the Highlands in the comfort of your own home!


Made with 100% Arabica, Central & South American Coffee Blend.

Copper Canyon's Highlander Grogg Flavored Coffee is available in a 16oz bag, whole bean or ground.