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Chocolate Fudge Flavored Coffee

Chocolate Fudge Flavored Coffee

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Dive into the decadent world of our Chocolate Fudge Flavored Coffee. This exquisite blend combines the deep richness of fudge with the bold intensity of our premium coffee beans. With each sip, explore the velvety smoothness and sweet, chocolatey goodness that defines this coffee experience. The luxurious aroma and flavor of Chocolate Fudge Flavored Coffee create a moment of pure bliss, making every cup a celebration of the finer things in life. Elevate your daily coffee ritual with this delightful fusion of fudgy perfection and coffee craftsmanship.


Made with 100% Arabica, Central & South American Coffee Blend.

Copper Canyon's Chocolate Fudge Flavored Coffee is available in a 16oz bag, whole bean or ground.