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The Basics of Grinding Coffee

By Copper Canyon

The act of grinding coffee is more than merely preparing for the brew process. Its main purpose is to remove the soluble characteristics of the coffee, otherwise known as extracting the flavor compounds and oils. There are particular brewing methods that go with certain grind or particle sizes to achieve the optimal cup of coffee. Consistency is the key. It is a common belief that the finer the grind the more flavor the coffee will have; however that is not true. There is more surface area of particles compared to the mass to be exposed to the hot water when the grind is finer. There are two extremes when it comes to extraction: over-extraction and under-extraction. (more…)

Why Grinding Your Own Coffee Is So Important

By Copper Canyon

With the influx of third wave coffee, we are being introduced to some pretty cool, though often more traditional than we realize, brewing methods. One of the more frequently touted methods is Chemex. A Chemex coffee brewer is a glass vase-like vessel that is made of heavy-duty glass molded into a cone shape. These come in a few different varieties, including models featuring a wooden collar and a conformed handle, typically starting at around $40. The Chemex takes a special filter (more…)