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The 4 M’s of Espresso

By Copper Canyon

Is it organic? Fair trade? Does the milk come from grass-fed cows? Is this flavoring all-natural? Can you make it soy with whip? These are the typical questions that many coffee lovers toss at their baristas during their daily coffee ritual. However, there is a more fundamental yet precise method behind the drink construction that most people just do not realize. The process is made up of four individual aspects that make up the bigger picture: miscela, macinacaffe, macchina, and mano. (more…)

It’s Not Just For Summer: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Toddy Out All Year Long

By Copper Canyon

The weather is cooling down quite nicely. The air in the morning has a pleasantly crisp feel to it, which makes the coffee cravings all the more intense. This would typically make you think it’s time to put away the cold brew equipment you’ve put to good use this past summer along with your summer wardrobe. But hold up…did you know you can use your Toddy Cold Brew System year round? Here are 5 reasons to keep your Toddy in use all year long. (more…)

Harvest Seasons of Coffee

By Copper Canyon

“I’m sorry, that coffee is out of season and we won’t have any more back until this winter.” That is probably one of the saddest things we have ever had to tell a customer. Even though they nod in acknowledgement and order another origin they enjoy, you can see the disappointment and confusion in their eyes. What exactly does it mean for coffee beans to be in or out of season? (more…)